MSA 3S full face mask

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MSA 3S full face mask 

This is the best-selling industrial mask on the market. The gas mask protects against all hazards during inhalation. This mask is also widely sold for civilian purposes.

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MSA 3S protective full face mask   

The MSA 3S full face mask, the most successful mask design in the world withover 5 millions units sold, has been upgraded. It offers even more user comfortand value, without changing the 3S Classic style! A softer face seal, enlargedharness attachment areas, a deeper chin cup combined with the proven classicdesign, the MSA 3S improves its efficiency whilst remaining one of the userÆsfavourite full face masks.

Summary of product information

  • The MSA 3S full face mask is equipped with a single thread connection that meets the standard: EN-148-1
  • The full face mask seal is made of a special rubber compound that sought to make the face mask fit more gently to the skin, increasing comfort.
  • The sealing surface has a deep chin insert that ensures an even better seal.
  • The pane of the face mask is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and is divided into a 2-part plastic frame which makes it gas-tight.
  • The face mask is equipped with a wire connection, an inlet valve and also a speech diaphragm
  • The exhalation valve is placed at the lowest point, creating a low exhalation resistance.
  • The headband is very easy and quick to adjust. That's because there are large rubber buckle guards attached to the mask body. In addition, the full face mask can also be worn on the chest, for easy putting on again.
  • The polycaronate glass pane in combination with an optimal airflow prevents the glass pane from fogging up.
  • The full face mask has a universal size.
  • Colour black.
  • Complies with standard EN 136: 1998 (class 3)

Applications MSA 3S mask

  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Chemical
  • Fire Fighting
  • Foundries & Metal Production
  • Government
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Mining
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Power Plants & Electricity
  • Waste & Water Treatment
  • Welding
  • Organic protection (virus bacteria spores)

Approvals & Standards of the MSA 3S mask
EN 136 class 3

MSA 3s Mask 

[1. The Face Blank] is made of a special rubber compound, softer and more comfortable than ever. It is not affected by creams or lotions. The wide sealing frame and a deeper chin stop assure a snug, comfortable fit and a tight seal. The 3S face blank is also available in yellow silicone [these versions are not affected by the upgrade], which does not irritate the skin and is particularly resistant to ageing. Some versions of the MSA 3S are also available in small size.

[2. The Lens] moulded from impact resistant plastic [polycarbonate], is securely sandwiched between a groove in the face blank with a 2-part plastic lens ring. The large field of vision is another safety feature of the mask. Some lenses are also available in silicate coated glass [V] or Triplex glass [Vg].

[3. The Connector] is clamped into the face blank. It contains the threaded connection or the plug connection, the inhalation valve and the speech diaphragm. The speech diaphragm permits excellent communication.

[4. The Exhalation Valve] is located in the lowest point of the face mask. Its large cross section results in a low exhalation resistance. Valve disc and valve cover are easily replaceable.

[5. The Harness] enables quick donning and removal of the face mask without prior adjustment. A pressure-free fit is achieved also in combination with a protective helmet. With the carrying strap, the 3S can be carried in front of the chest, ready for use. Now, with the enlarged tabs of the f ace blank, the MSA 3S harness is even easier to don.

[6. The Inner Mask] provides an optimal air flow and keeps the lens free from fogging. It reduces the dead space effectively. The rolled edge cares for a soft and comfortable contact with the face.