Biohazard what is that?
Any organism and/or venom from that organism known to cause human, animal or plant disease.

Biological hazard, what is that? Where can a biological threat come from? Are all viruses and bacteria dangerous? Is it bird flu, a corona outbreak, did it escape from a lab somewhere? there are many unknown biolabs worldwide, what ...

Biohazard what is that?
Any organism and/or venom from that organism known to cause human, animal or plant disease.

Biological hazard, what is that? Where can a biological threat come from? Are all viruses and bacteria dangerous? Is it bird flu, a corona outbreak, did it escape from a lab somewhere? there are many unknown biolabs worldwide, what are they for? There are also well-known people who warn against biological warfare as the new danger. Are they behind it themselves, or do they know more?
These are many questions that man is faced with, and rightly so. We are in a changing world where nothing is as it seems. It is a fact that biolabs have been found, what do they make? And that no one in this unstable world excludes a biological hazard, it is useful to take this seriously.
A P2 / P3 mouth cap or mask with P3 filters of high protection cannot be unwise when a biological attack is reported. (Note: homemade mouth caps do not work at all)
In addition to all the uncertainties, we are aware that ventilation of communal areas is also a must, so here too we have stand-alone solutions to quickly filter a room, up to 450 m3 per hour. This is unprecedented and most aerosol filter systems do not save.


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  • Mouth Cap

    Mouth caps for protection of virus and bacterial outbreaks. 

    Mouth masks are not as effective as our gas masks, but it is easy to have with them.

    Coronavirus which mask? What now? What to do?

    As soon as a virus breaks out, such as Ebola or Coronavirus, the world goes to mouth masks and gloves and disinfectants. We provide more clarity so that you know what you are buying.

    Protecting yourself against coronavirus, or protecting others against infection by yourself if you suspect you are infected, can be done in various ways. We mention the most important ways:

    1. Hand disinfection by means of disinfecting hand alcohol, hand gel and wipes wipes.
    2. Avoid touching your hands with nose and mouth. Your mouth mask also functions.
    3. Wash your hands regularly, preferably with antibacterial soap.
    4. Avoid large groups of people, public transport, so where many people are gathered close together.

    Mouth masks / mouth masks against Corona virus:
    This group of mouth masks consists of two groups: surgical masks and respiration and fine dust protection masks. We only supply all the highest protected masks, so only P3 - FFP3 and do not supply lower protective caps.

    Are you sick and don't want to ignite anyone !? Use a disposable breathing protection mask type without an exhalation valve, you can still infect your loved ones through the valve.

    If you are not sick yourself and you have to walk longer with a mouth cap, a valve is so pleasant. The valve makes it easier to breathe out without getting a wet damp cap.

    How to use the mask

    What is the correct way to wear and dispose of masks? See the Youtube instruction from World Health Organization (WHO) Klik here:

  • Aerosol extractor

    Aerosol extraction air filter is part of the InfectionControl Benelux and importer of this unique mobile aerosol filter, the only filter in the Netherlands and EU that filters 99.95% of viruses and bacteria in your waiting room or workplace. This machine filters no less than 450 m3 per hour. So you can filter large spaces, which many devices cannot.


    The aerosol extractor was developed for application in the healthcare sector with the personal participation of MUDr. Radek Mounajjed DDS., Ph.D. Unlike other systems in the same category, the extractor has high suction and is capable of extracting sources of pollutants at up to 40 cm away if a universal arm with a suction nozzle is fitted. A high level of sanitary performance is ensured through the use of an efficient four-stage filtration unit, which reliably captures up to 99.95% of viruses and bacteria.


    The energy-saving motor limits the consumption of electricity. A special arm has been developed for dental practice, its ergonomics allowing the suction nozzle to be placed comfortably close to the patient’s mouth. The extraction efficiency of this arm is 30 cm. Cleaning the item and changing the filter is simple, hygienic and convenient.


    This Corona air filter can be used to purify the air in waiting areas, for example. The corona air purifier has been validated in the EU as an extremely effective protection agent because the HEPA filter filters 99.95% of the particles in the air, including (corona) viruses. This Miricle air is the best and safest of its kind.


    Cough droplets and mist from exhaled air are thus filtered, even when they are infected with the corona virus, for example. Portable air cleaners, also known as air purifiers or air sanitizers, are designed to filter the air in a single room or area. 


    Suitable for general practice, hospitals, care homes, pharmacies, town halls, hotels, petrol stations, reception desks at companies, restaurants, pedicures, hairdressers, physiotherapy practices, etc.

    Miracle Air Infectioncontrol captures up to 99.95% of viruses and bacteria. 3 year warranty on the drive unit. Made in the EU. (made in Germany)


    Medical Air Purifier Equipment with extreme performance. Going beyond conventional systems, it is designed for the numbers of people frequenting locations such as waiting rooms, open-space offices, pharmacies and doctors’ practices. It purifies air in closed, air-conditioned premises, significantly reducing illness in the workplace.


    Medical air purifiers improve indoor air quality for medical facilities such as hospitals and doctors offices. Indoor air becomes polluted with dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria, viruses, mold, and VOCs from medical chemical use. Air pollution and other outside particles enter facilities and without proper air circulation and filtration contaminate the indoor air. Reducing air contaminants in a medical setting proves vital to ensure patient health and safety. Medical facilities have patients with a weakened immune system and any additional airborne particles can cause further damage to the patient’s health. Similarly, patients with respiratory diseases such as allergies and asthma may experience intensified symptoms from inhalation of indoor airborne ultrafine particles.


    Medical grade air purifiers utilize high-efficiency filtration including HEPA filters for particles, bacteria, and some viruses. Ultra-fine particles, smaller than 0.3 microns, can become lodged deep inside the lungs leading to an increase in health effects. HEPA filtration offers up to 99.95% efficiency on particles down to 0.3 microns to drastically improve indoor air quality. For chemical fumes and VOCs, activated carbon filters adsorb chemical vapors to effectively remove them from the airflow.


    Clean, fresh and healthy air
    The air cleaner is suitable for any interior and cleans 450 m³ per hour. The air-purifying effect deactivates unhealthy substances such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. This minimizes the chance of transferring bacteria and viruses.

    The system has proven itself in classrooms, offices, waiting areas at practices, care homes and gyms. Do you also ensure that your company can remain open?

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items